Born and raised in Denmark, based in Toronto. Steffen Christiansen is Executive Creative Director at Jam3 — formerly Ueno & Hello Monday   I specialize in Digital Products & Experiences, as well as  Interactive Branding. I’m driven by my passion and eagerness to discover and push the limits of design and technology

I believe in engaging the audience through emotion, a glint in the eye and a well crafted solution that inspires and moves the observer  The first step in this approach is always a clear and clever concept that adds depth and personality to the project . Simply put: Great work should always be well made, have that human touch, and hopefully, make you smile.

01 ESPN Body Issue 2017

Nothing can catch the eye like a famous athlete flashing their birthday suit. That's why ESPN for the last nine years has showcased the beautiful bodies of the worlds greatest athletes in their annual Body Issue: A photo collection celebrating the beauty of the body as an athletes most important asset. We delivered both branding and a digital experience to accommodate the issue.

The project was done at Ueno, in collaboration with the talented Marco Coppeto, Joey Maese and Heather Donahue. The site won both Site Of The Day at The FWA and Awwwards.  Additionally the site was granted a Graphite Pencil at the D&AD.

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Espn Logo Slide

02 The Interview

As a very fast growing agency, the most crucial part of success is getting the team right. That's why Ueno, in 2017,  saw an opportunity to bring their recruitment game up a notch, literally. 

We wanted to create something special that showcased what it’s like to work at Ueno–in all its playful, chaotic, and weird glory. What’s a better way to do so than create a WebGL based experience that illustrates the company’s culture by utilizing a conversational interface and gamified mechanics?

The project was done in collaboration Julien Renau, Romain Briaux, Haraldur Thorleifsson and Finnur Sigurðsson. The site reached 60,000 visits on the first day and won both Site Of The Day at The FWA and Awwwards.  Additionally the site was granted a Wooden Pencil at the D&AD.

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Hotdog Bbq Crop

03 Postmates' Serve

Blade Runner, Terminator, The Matrix. Pop culture has it right: The robots are coming. Starting in 2019 they will take over the world by delivering late night snacks to hungry night owls! Okay, maybe not the world, but at least Los Angeles! His name is Serve, a fully-automated rover designed by Postmates to help couriers and small businesses reach longer distances for their delivery services. 

The site tells the story of Serve’s journey through the city as he delivers a late night Burrito, each scene designed to both drive the story forward as well as highlight an important product feature.

The project was done at Jam3 in collaboration with Adrian Belina, Miguel MoraledaHeather Phoenix, Shannon Kennedy, Serene WongCharlotte Lucas, Nat JaninKaiyi Wong, and Niko Films. The site won both "Site Of The Day" on FWA and Awwwards

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Postmates Mosaic
Postmates Side By Side

04 KontinensDK

Like a fart at a dinner date, incontinence is a secret we have been holding on to, for far too long. So hold on to your butts, as fights this tabu till the last drop. 4/10 people suffer from this condition, but are often too embarrassed to seek professional advice. The solution visualizes the feeling of having too squeeze a little too tight to hold it in. The result is bold, brave and breaks the silence. 

This branding project was done in collaboration with Jonas Emmertsen, as a 24 hours creative sprint. The project was later announced winner of the YCCA Design Award, at the Creatives Circle Awards.

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Mulepose 16 9
Patricia Billboard 4

05 Residente website

Starting with a simple sample of saliva, the artist Residente went walking in the footsteps of his genetic ancestors to create the sound of his first solo album, and to challenge our perception of border, race, and gender. This documented journey led to an ongoing collaboration, developing the visual narrative for this project. 

The site connects each visitor through time and place, creating a dynamic map illustrating the digital footprint of visitors that came before you. From this map, users are offered to leave a mark, or to explore sound and video documenting Residente’s journey across the world. In many ways, the site is a reimagination of the visitor counters and guestbooks so famously known from the 1990s web.

The project was done during my time at Hello Monday and in 2017 received 2 Webby Awards, 2 Creative Circle Awards, and 1 Golden Pencil. Collaborators were Mario Sifuentes, Torben Dalgaard, Anders JessenArne Van Kauter & Chelsea Cox

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06 Residente branding

Residente’s message of connectivity and diversity is further explored in printed media accompanying his album release. The branding makes visual reference to the universal phonetic alphabet, communicating diversity and connectivity through changing the physical appearance of otherwise identical characters. This message is further supported by the graphical elements, originating from disassembled flag symbols. Pretty cool, right?

The project was done at Hello Monday in collaboration with  Mario Sifuentes  &  Chelsea Cox

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Resid3Nte Covers
Posters 01
Resid3Nte Spotify 3

07 National Geographic

First came Big Brother, then Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and in 2016, National Geographic introduced the world to A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

The interactive documentary offered a glimpse into the daily life of a bear in Yellowstone National Park, all filmed with an attached POV camera. The cast starred four different bears, each with a unique story that easily outshines Yogi & Boo-Boo. The narrative was mapped onto an interactive map of Yellowstone Park, and each story was further supported by imagery and narration by National Geographic experts on the subject. This added an extra layer of context and complimented the raw footage.

The project was done at my time at Hello Monday in collaboration with Morten Sølvstrøm, Kamron RobinsonJohanne Bruun Rasmussen, Anders JessenJoey Maese & Megan Potter. The project was later granted 2 Creative Circle Awards, 1 Webby Award, 1 Golden Pencil, Site Of The Month on Awwwards, Site Of The Day at The FWA, and finally, a nomination at The Emmy’s 2017.

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Nat Geo Ipad
Pen Sketches

08 Wove By Polyera

Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamt of wearable technologies to strap around their wrist. Something as elegant as a watch, and cool as The Mighty Morphing Powers Rangers. Polyera set out to make this happen, as they in 2015 announced their new product, Wove. A smart-band using a flexible e-ink display to cover the entire wrist with a naturally lit black/white display. 

The project included both a product site for recruiting beta testers, as well as creation of the native apps on the device. The untraditional nature of the product called for an untraditional approach, resulting in an experience standing out from it’s competitors

The project was done at Hello Monday and won both a Webby Awards as well as Site of The Day at Awwwards and The FWA. Collaborators were Morten Sølvstrøm, James BartleyAnders Jessen, Torben Dalgaard & Chelsea Cox

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Wove Floties
Wove Type Specimen

09 Diesel Black Gold

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away I was working on my first project at Hello Monday together with the talented Marcus Fuchs and Jakob Kahlen. Diesel had asked us to create a digital experience for their high-end brand "Diesel Black Gold". People didn’t recognize it as a freestanding brand, so we ventured out to make a unique home for the fashion line. The site revolved around a provoking navigation concept that served as an anchor on every page. Each collection was then paired with a with a unique pattern, allowing users to navigate by visual memory and enforcing the theme of the garments.

The project won two Creative Circle Awards that year and became Site Of The Day on both Awwwards and The FWA

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Diesel Black 1
Diesel Black 2

10 Youtube Kids

In 2014 I was part of a one night stand with a world famous redhead. She came back an told us she was pregnant and nine months later we gave birth to our lovechild, Youtube Kids. A safe video environment that parents can trust, where kids can find amazing content fitted for them perfectly. The project included designed the entire brand identity, including the entire product interface.

Within the first year the app had more than 8 million user within the US and received both a Creative Circle Awards for Corporate Identity, and a top notch review from both Brand New and FastCompany. The project was done during my time at Hello Monday,  together with Johanne Bruun Rasmussen, Megan Potter & Emil Bjerregaard Juul. Motion Design was done in collaboration with Evan Anthony, Josh Parker and James Bartley

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